Zip Rings patented dental floss holder is easy to grip and navigate through those most difficult to reach locations...a true innovation in how to grip, store and dispense dental floss.  Buy >   Learn more >  

Zip Rings, side view, come preloaded with dental floss.
Zip Rings demonstrated by a model in front of a mirror

Zip Rings patented dental floss holder comes loaded with a month supply of floss and is reusable and refillable with any type or brand of floss.   Buy >   Learn more >

Closeup of Zip Rings, patented design As shown, comes preloaded with dental floss

Over 1 Million Sold!

Zip Rings patented dental floss holder comes loaded with premium dental floss! And much more...

  • No more wrapping messy, wet floss around your fingers and hands
  • Easy to grip, while navigating those difficult to reach locations
  • Innovative grip allows deeper, more effective clean
  • Reusable, refillable with any type or brand of dental floss. The eco-friendly alternative to floss picks.
  • Comes with premium, shred resistant floss with micro grooves, that glide easily through teeth, removing 2X more plaque 
  • Cuts in more than half the amount of floss used
  • Pays for itself in just 2 purchases of dental floss
  • Made in USA, eco-friendly  Learn more >  Buy >

Zip Rings dental dental floss holder is protected by US patent 9,844,432.

We are pleased to welcome AAFES as a retailer, an $8.5 billion company selling Zip Rings dental floss holder worldwide.

Made in USA Symbol

Zip Rings dental floss holder design and function is protected by one or more of the following US Patents:

Patent# 9,844,432 Dental Flossing Device

Patent# D787, 129 Dental Floss Holder; Patent# D781, 501 Dental Floss Holder; Patent# D781, 500 Dental Floss Holder

Zip Rings available in fresh colors: fern green, powder blue, and cardinal red pictured here

Fresh new Colors!

Eco Friendly, Environmentally Friendly Symbol

Simply: A Better Way to Floss

The environmentally-friendly Zip Rings patented dental floss holder uses half the amount of floss and cuts in half the amount of spent plastic floss containers and floss going into our landfills. Buy>  Learn more >


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