Zip Rings Overview

​​Zip Rings Overview:

Zip Rings reinvents flossing with ordinary dental floss: Makes it easier, mess-free and cuts in half the amount of dental floss used.  Zip Rings is an innovation an innovation in the way to grip, store and dispense ordinary dental floss. After a successful debut on Kickstarter, we now have customers in 38 states and 21 countries around the world.

  • No more wrapping messy, wet floss around your fingers and hands
  • Easy to grip the floss, making it easy to reach those difficult to reach locations
  • Cuts in half the amount of dental floss used
  • Holds 270 inches, a 1-2 month supply, of any type or brand of dental floss
  • Cut and remove used floss each time you floss
  • Zip Fastener, makes attaching ad removing floss quick and easy
  • Pays for itself in as few as just 2 purchases of dental floss
  • Easily perform the American Dental Association-recommended actions for proper flossing
  • Eco-friendly, made in USA

Best Gift Ever For Family and Friends!

It can be frustrating and time-consuming trying to find that perfect, reasonably priced gift for family and friends. Zips Rings is a great gift idea. Friends and family will think of you when using this unique gift. And it’s so thoughtful too. Just think you could be responsible for the improved dental health of your family and friends as they floss longer, more often and more effectively using Zip Rings.They may even start to enjoy flossing -- well, maybe.

Upgrade to a Higher Quality Dental Floss and Make Flossing More Enjoyable.

Using the right floss is one of the most important factors in your overall flossing experience. Because the spacing between each individual’s teeth varies, you need to select a floss that can be easily guided between your teeth without getting stuck, tearing or fraying. 

Dental floss comes in a variety of materials, thicknesses, waxed, un-waxed, and flavors – even bacon flavor (umm, yummy) so that you can personalize your experience.  With the right floss, you just might find yourself flossing longer, more often, more effectively and enjoying those flavors.  With the money you save, you can upgrade to a higher quality floss. 

What About Those Plastic Floss Forks and Picks?

Ordinary dental floss is still the only ADA–approved method of inter-dental cleaning. Floss forks are not ADA-approved because they do not allow you to perform the ADA-recommended procedure for proper flossing and are therefore deemed less effective. The ADA-recommended procedure requires a flexible extended section of floss that can form a “C” shape around the teeth.

Also, floss forks do not work with ordinary dental floss and therefore do not allow you to take advantage of the wide variety of materials, thicknesses and flavors on the market today; they are not environmentally friendly, requiring users to send several plastic forks to our landfills each day; and they are significantly more expensive per use than ordinary dental floss.

Zip Rings will Pay for Itself in as Few as Just Two Purchases of Dental Floss

Zip Rings will pay for itself in as few as just two purchases of dental floss by cutting the amount of floss you use in half. But how do you place value on the environmental impact of cutting waste in half? Using Zip Rings has a positive impact on the landfills and reduces the energy and materials used to produce the floss and plastic containers.

Attractive, Easy-to-Use, Patent Pending Design

Every aspect of Zip Rings has been carefully designed to combine form and function into an attractive, simple, easy-to-use product. Its rounded inner surface and soft thermoplastic material makes it comfortable on the fingers and in the hands. Zip Fasteners™are integrated into each ring to make it quick and easy to attach and remove the free ends of floss with just one wind or unwind of the floss about the fastener. Notches are positioned conveniently on the groove’s rails to lock the floss into place when flossing at difficult angles. Aeration holes provide air flow and fast drying after rinsing. The interchangeable, identical ring design means you can use both rings on either hand, whether you are right- or left-handed.

Zip Rings Eliminates Millions of Miles of Floss and Hundreds of Millions of Plastic Containers from Our Landfills.

Over 3 million miles of dental floss and hundreds of millions of spent plastic floss containers go into our landfills each year. That’s enough floss to circle the earth more than 120 times.

Zip Rings cuts this waste in half by eliminating the excess floss needed for normal gripping and more efficiently utilizing the entire length of floss.

So Zip Rings is not only a better way to floss; equally important, it eliminates waste.

Zip Rings consist of a pair of, interchangeable, reusable rings. One of the rings is a dispenser ring, which holds a two-week supply of your favorite brand of ordinary dental floss. The other -the take-up ring - retracts soiled floss after it has been used. To use Zip Rings first attach the free end of the fresh floss on the dispenser ring to the Zip Fastener™ on the take-up ring, leaving a section of fresh floss extended between the two rings. To grip and manipulate the extended section of floss, put the rings on the middle finger of each hand and use only the tips of your forefingers and thumbs to guide it through your teeth. After the extended section of floss becomes soiled through use, conceal it and expose a new fresh section by rotating both rings. Each time you floss, cut and remove the used floss.  You can also dynamically change the length of the fresh section as you floss, by rotating the rings.  It's that simple

Taking Care of Your Zip Rings: Washing and Cutting Used Floss

Each time you floss, cut remove and toss the used floss, leaving only your supply of fresh floss on the dispenser ring. Use the cutter on your floss container or grooming scissors to cut the floss. To wash, use hot soapy water.  To sterilize,  place in the top rack of the dishwasher. Washing in a dishwasher with water that reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit properly sterilizes the rings.

Zip Rings™ uses a pair of companion rings to shatter the two centuries-old tradition of how millions of people around the world use ordinary dental floss.

All these problems can be traced back to how we hold and grip floss: by winding it tightly around our fingers and hands. Zip Rings solves these problems by allowing you to use any type or brand of ordinary dental floss without winding it around your fingers and hands. In doing so, Zip Rings cuts in half the amount of floss wasted with traditional griping techniques and eliminates the mess and unsanitary conditions created by used floss coming into contact with the fingers and hands. It also eliminates the difficulty and discomfort and makes it easy to floss those difficult-to-reach locations, even when the floss is wet with saliva and other yucky stuff.

Zip Rings™ Reinvents Flossing With Ordinary Dental Floss: Makes it Easier and Mess-Free While Cutting in Half the Amount of Floss Used

A Long-Awaited Innovation in How to Grip, Store and Dispense Ordinary Dental Floss.

Flossing with ordinary dental floss remains the only method of interdental cleaning approved by the American Dental Association (ADA).  Amazingly, the basic method of flossing has not changed since dental floss was invented in 1815 by Levi Spear Parmly, a New Orleans dentist, who advised his patients to use a thin silk thread to clean between their teeth. Yet most people find traditional flossing methods difficult, messy, uncomfortable, unsanitary and extremely wasteful.